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"Seven Goodbyes Part 2" (七つのさよなら 第二章, Nanatsu no Sayonara Dainishō?) is the third episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the fifteenth episode overall.



After his encounter with the girl from his past, Futaro falls into the lake, and returns to Nino's hotel. The two talk, and Nino asks what happened. A flashback shows Futaro's encounter with the girl from before, who calls herself Rena. Rena states that maybe she should disappear so Futaro won't be shackled by the past anymore. She takes the photo from his handbook with her, before saying goodbye to him. Trying to catch her, Futaro loses his balance and falls into the water. Nino tries to cheer him up, saying there must be someone in the world that would fall for a guy like him. Futaro then notices that Nino actually saved the study guide he had made for her, and had been studying by herself since. Nino apologizes for her behavior, but she refuses to apologize to Itsuki. Futaro tells Nino that his encounter with Rena made him realize the need to leave the past behind. Nino admits that she could move forward after seeing Kintaro one last time to say goodbye. Futaro offers to help her meet him again, and though conflicted, he visits Nino disguised as Kintarō. As he arrives and poses as Kintarō, Nino constantly runs off, and calls Futaro on his phone to ask him for advice on how to approach Kintarō. Feeling nervous about asking Kintarō out, Nino summons Futaro to the hotel's cafeteria. Nino thanks Futaro, giving him a glass of tea as a reward. However, similar to their first encounter, she has laced the tea with sleeping aids, revealing she knew of Futaro's deception from the beginning. The next day at school, Nino is still absent. Another issue arises when Yotsuba agrees to help the track team in their upcoming marathon. Finally, Miku visits Nino at the hotel.


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