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"Seven Goodbyes Part 1" (七つのさよなら 第一章, Nanatsu no Sayonara Daiisshō?) is the second episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the fourteenth episode overall.



With one week left before the final exams begin, Futaro stays up all night preparing practice tests for the quintuplets, manually handwriting study guides for each of them. The session goes downhill when Nino starts arguing with Miku and refuses to do the mock tests. Both Miku and Itsuki defend Futaro's hard work, and plead Nino to be compliant. Nino disregards Futaro's work and smacks the papers to the ground. Enraged, Itsuki slaps her in retaliation. Even angrier, Nino slaps Itsuki back, and pleads to leave the apartment, which both her and Itsuki do that same night. The next day, Futaro and Miku search for Itsuki and Nino by themselves. They find Nino staying at a luxury hotel, and she refuses to leave. Futaro finds out that Itsuki came to his home to stay after her quarrel with Nino, becoming increasingly close to Raiha and his father. That night, Itsuki tells Futaro that the quintuplets used to live in poverty too, as their mother was single until she married their father, dying of an illness six years prior. The next day, Futaro discovers that Yotsuba is again helping the track club for an upcoming marathon, despite their final exams coming up. Futaro is left wondering if the quintuplets really need him in their lives, when the girl he met years ago in Kyoto appears.


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