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"The Binding Legend: Day 2000" (結びの伝説2000日目, Musubi no Densetsu Nisen-nichime?) is the twelveth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.



Miku reveals to Ichika through the phone that she finally wants to gain independence for her feelings, and tells her that they should both hold Futaro’s hands during the campfire. “Ichika”, who has actually been Itsuki this whole time, posing as Ichika, is stunned by Miku’s words. Futaro and the girls have not seen Itsuki in a while, and decide to go look for her. “Ichika” takes Futaro to a ropeway, were she reveals that she is actually Itsuki, having disguised herself under a facemask. However, Futaro's fever makes him collapse. Itsuki takes him to the counselors, who confine him in his room to rest. Before going to his room though, Futaro "rejects" Nino by claiming Kintarō told him that something came up and he could not dance with Nino. As a consequence, Nino attends the campfire by herself. Meanwhile, Miku confesses her feelings for Futaro to Ichika, telling her that she is done holding back for her sisters’ sake, and wants to win his affection. Ichika understands, and they embrace. Yotsuba and Itsuki find Futaro’s camping guide, in which he has written lots of stories to take home to Raiha. They realize that despite being sick, Futaro has actually enjoyed the trip, and wish for it not to end in such misery for him. As such, Itsuki sneaks into the ward to look after him. Much to her surprise, all the other girls were also hiding in the ward, as they were all worried about him. They approach him, as the countdown for the end of the campfire event begins outside. Several years later, it is Futaro’s wedding ceremony. Futaro has forgotten the wedding ring at home, so he calls Raiha to help him. Raiha retrieves the ring for him and finds that he still wears the lucky amulet she gave him five years ago. As it turns out, all five girls had held hands with him in bed as the campfire ended all those years back, and he is marrying one of them, whose identity is still unknown.

In a mid-credits scene, the girls reunite with Futaro, who had to spend time hospitalized. Nino returns to Futaro his lucky amulet, as all the girls prepare to study with him for their upcoming finals.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 31
    • In the manga, Futaro's teacher is sleeping while watching over him but wakes up due to Futaro's loud coughing. He then gets up and searches for the lights before getting interrupted by another camp instructor who opens the door. In the anime, he is woken up by the camp instructor walking into the room, and he never looks for the lights.
  • Chapter 32
    • In the flash forward showing Futaro's marriage, the anime cuts out some content. In the manga, we get to see both Futaro and the quintuplets' grandparents. Also, Futaro's dad, Isanari, has a conversation with the quintuplets' father that implies that they know each other a bit, as Isanari has his number, talks to him casually, and calls him "sensei" at one point.




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