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"The Binding Legend: Day 3" (結びの伝説3日目, Musubi no Densetsu Mikka-me?) is the eleventh episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.



As Futaro and Ichika are stuck in a warehouse, Futaro lights a fire with some nearby wood to keep themselves warm. Ichika expresses to Futaro her desire to take a break from school to pursue her acting career, and Futaro congratulates her for having ambitions and possibilities to do things she likes. Seeing their small campfire, Ichika invites Futaro to dance by themselves, which Futaro agrees to do. However, he explains the legend to Ichika, who understands why the campfire was so important to Miku. While dealing with her guilt, she accidentally causes a large log to collapse, and Futaro saves her. However, the log activates the anti-burglar alarm, and the fire also activates the overhead sprinkler system, completely soaking them. Miku and Itsuki arrive, and demand and explanation from them, but are reluctant to believe them. Having subsided the incident, they go skiing. Ichika catches a cold, but sneaks out to attempt to make sure that Futaro didn't tell anyone about the incident. However, Futaro can't ski, and crashes into a tree, knocking off the bandaid Nino put on him the night before. Nino sees it and tries to catch whom she thinks is Kintarō. Futaro flees from her, hiding in a small igloo, where he finds a distraught Miku. The two, unable to escape due to Nino’s presence, talk for a while, as Miku realizes how sensible Futaro is at understanding her and her siblings. As he leaves, she communicates with Ichika, telling her that there is something they must talk about.


List of character in order of their appearance:

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Fuutarou wears a black turtleneck shirt. This appears light-colored in the manga.
  • Chapter 27
    • In the anime, the bad habit is drinking alcohol. The moment in which Miku and Itsuki are wondering where Ichika disappeared to on the night of the camping trip was expanded on only in the anime. In the anime, we see Yotsuba also wondering where Futaro disappeared to, and Itsuki getting the clue that they might be locked away after seeing Yotsuba holding a key.




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