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"The Binding Legend: Day 2" (結びの伝説2日目, Musubi no Densetsu Futsuka-me?) is the tenth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


Fuutarou and the quintuplets were able to join the field trip safely. Fuutarou, who was made in charge of the test of courage, will play the ghost role with Yotsuba. Meanwhile, Nino who had paired with Itsuki and participated in the test of courage lost sight of Itsuki. What appeared in front of Nino who was left alone and anxious was...


A legend says that when couples dance and hold hands during the end of the campfire held at the event each year, the people involved will be together forever. The thought haunts Miku, who wishes to dance with Futaro, but having noticed Ichika’s affection for him, decides to let her dance with him, wanting to be happy for her. Meanwhile, Futaro and Yotsuba dress as ghosts to scare others, but Ichika and Miku aren't scared. Instead, they recognize Futaro wearing a blond wig. Later, they discuss privately about what each thinks of Futaro. Meanwhile, Nino and Itsuki get scared, prompting them to run in the wrong direction, getting lost in the forest. Worrying for them, Futaro finds Nino near a cliff, saving her before falling, but Nino mistakes Futaro as the boy in the picture she saw on Futaro’s handbook, because of the blonde wig. Playing along, Futaro addresses himself as Kintarō, Futaro’s “relative”, and seeing Nino scared, gives her a lucky amulet given to him by Raiha. Seeing a small bruise on his head, Nino gives Kintarō a patterned bandaid. Nino, smittened by Kintarō, invites him to dance in the campfire. Later, Futaro helps Ichika and Yotsuba carry logs from a warehouse for the campfire, but both him and Ichika are locked in purposefully by Yotsuba. Unable to escape, Ichika explains to him that she is supposed to dance with him per Maeda’s dare, and Futaro remembers he also has to dance with Nino. He tries to call off his dance with Ichika, telling her to settle things on her own with Maeda. However, Ichika sheds tears, as she genuinely wanted to dance with Futaro.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 25
    • In the anime, when Nino instructs the boys to watch over the curry while the girls cook the rice, she does so angrily but disguises her anger with a smile. Only in the manga does Futaro see Nino and is able to recognize her anger, while Maeda can't, showing Futaro getting progressively better at understanding the quintuplets.
    • When Futaro finds Nino after she gets lost in a forest, in the manga, he is about to say, "I found you, Nino," but gets cut off by Nino before saying her name. In the anime, he does not get cut off. The manga's version of things makes it more believable for Nino not to recognize Futaro because if Nino thought about it at all, it wouldn't make any sense for someone she didn't know from a different school to know and call her out by her name.
    • When Futaro tries to push Nino away by showing off his bad habits, in the manga, the bad habit is smoking. In the anime, the bad habit is drinking alcohol.




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