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Ebata (江端えばた?) is the secretary of Papa Nakano and occasionally driver of the Nakano Quintuplets. Ebata is said to have a professional history as a school teacher.

Atabu Maruo

Ebata took on the pseudonym of Atabe Maruo (阿多部 丸男, Maruo Atabe?), the quintuplets' fictitious tutor, at their favor in an attempt at making Fuutarou Uesugi their tutor again. Before this, Papa Nakano assigned Ebata as the quintuplets' tutor after Fuutarou resigned.




Maruo Nakano

Ebata is Maruo's chauffeur and secretary. He calls Maruo as "master" and often gives advice to him for private matters. Maruo seems to be close enough to Ebata because he casually discuss private matters with him.

Nakano Quintuplets

He drives them to school occasionally and has been doing so since they were young. He cares for them enough that he was willing to play a fake persona to go on with their plan in bringing Fuutarou back as their tutor.




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