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The Ending Ordinary Days (わりけるにちじょう, Owari-kakeru Nichijō?) is the ninety-eighth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

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Isanari visited Maruo in order to invite him to the next "class reunion". However, he was ignored and chased out.

Fuutarou went to the aquarium with Miku, in which they talked about various events regarding the upcoming festival. Despite minor reconsideration along the day, Miku told Fuutarou about her decision to pursue her dream and going to culinary school which resulted in a conflicted response from him. Nevertheless, she pushed on.

Later, Fuutarou and Isanari arrived home to find Itsuki who visited to give the Uesugi household their invitations to the school festival and stayed for dinner. Fuutarou expressed his concern for Itsuki's university prospect result and hope that she succeeds otherwise his tutoring is meaningless. Itsuki corrected Fuutarou and ensured him that even if they face failures, they will not regret their meeting with him.

Story Impact[]

  • Miku wants to go to culinary school.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Isanari and Maruo graduate from the same school.[page 1]
  • Maruo receives an invitation letter for the School Festival.[page 2]
  • Miku and Fuutarou go to the aquarium together.[page 3]
  • Class 3-1 decides to serve both pancake and takoyaki.[page 3]
  • Yotsuba will act on a play with the drama club during the School Festival.[page 4]
  • Miku got an A in her mock university exam.[page 6]
  • Miku wants to go to culinary school and may not attend university.[page 8]
  • School Festival invitation letter contains discounts and coupons.[page 16]
  • Itsuki calls Isanari as Otou-sama, or "father".
  • Itsuki is grateful that the sisters are able to attend the same school as Fuutarou.[page 18]
  • Itsuki remarks that Fuutarou-Nakano Quintuplets' relationship is already past normal teacher-student.[page 19]
  • The School Festival is the 29th festival.[page 20]


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  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • Page 1: arrival
  • The aquarium is based on a Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, which is located in Aichi Prefecture that is Negi's hometown.
  • A penguin (page 9) that hesitates to jump, but finally did, is a nod to Miku's courage to speak up her intentions.
  • There is another full-moon during Itsuki scenes (page 18-19). The other full-moon during Itsuki scenes is Chapter 41 and Chapter 2. In addition, there is also full-moon in Chapter 31 albeit difficult to notice, when Itsuki talked to a sick Fuutarou.