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Black warning.png This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

Branching Moment 1 (ぶんとき①, Bunshi no Toki 1?) is the ninety-fourth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page

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  • Title Page: first page of the chapter.


Story Impact

  • Ichika takes a temporary leave from the school.
  • Fuutarou fails to convince Ichika to remain in school.

Chapter Notes

  • Due to a long-term movie shooting in September, Ichika has to take a temporary leave from school.[page 2]
  • Itsuki openly accept Ichika's decision, but Nino comments whether it's her real feelings or not.[page 4]
  • Yotsuba accepts Ichika's decision because the job is her dream.[page 4]
  • The History Teacher already received Ichika's resignation letter.[page 5]
  • Ichika takes a tour around the school and meets her schoolmate, who remarks that they're proud having to go school together with her.[page 10]
  • Miku questions Ichika whether her decision to leave is caused by her.[page 12]
  • Ichika hints that she actually wants to graduate together.[page 12]
  • Fuutarou tries to convince Ichika by offering her a flexible tutoring schedule, but failed.[page 17]
  • Miku offering Fuutarou another part-time job.[page 19]
  • Ichika and Yotsuba plays in the park together, and Ichika tries to talk about Fuutarou and the past.[page 20]


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  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 15: confronting
  • Nakano Quintuplets Formation:
    • page 4: Yotsuba, Itsuki, Miku, Nino, Ichika