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A Summer Vacation without Incident (ぐうぜんのないなつやすみ, Gūzen no nai Natsu-yasumi?) is the ninety-first chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page

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Story Impact

  • The sisters move to their old apartment (Pentagon) due the the demolition of the new apartment.
  • Fuutarou invites the Nakano Quintuplets to go to the pool.

Chapter Notes

  • Miku starting to help Nino (or Nino teaching Miku) in cooking.
  • The new apartment is getting demolished, and the sisters have to move.
  • The current timeline is several days after the start of summer holiday.
  • Ichika is hinted to move away from the sisters.
  • Fuutarou wants to take a break from tutoring during the summer holiday.
  • The Uesugi Family own a landline telephone.
  • The manager got into a bike incident and currently being hospitalized. Revival will close for some time.
  • Raiha planned to go to the beach with Itsuki.
  • Raiha is now a midlle-schooler.
  • Class 3-1 students are meeting and playing together in the beach, while the Nakano Quintuplets passed them by.
  • Ebata is cleaning the old apartment in Pentagon regularly.
  • Itsuki realized that four of her sisters have taken a liking to Fuutarou. She blames it to Fuutarou.
  • Takeda notices that Fuutarou have changed.
  • Fuutarou thought it would be fun being together with the Nakano Quintuplets.
  • Fuutarou invites the sisters to go to the pool.


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