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My Sisters and I ② (私と姉妹 ②, Watashi to Shimai ②?) is the eighty-ninth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

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Story Impact[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • Maruo Nakano official position is Chief Physician.[page 1]
  • Maruo, the high school chairman, and the middle school chairman are acquaintances.[page 1]
  • Kurobara is an integrated school, therefore the name of the middle school Nakano Quintuplets attend to is Kurobara Middle School and Kurobara High School.[page 1]
  • Ichika's reasoning to cut her hair is because of the club activities.[page 2]
  • Miku started playing History related games during around late Middle School time.[page 5]
  • Yotsuba's obsession was to become special/essential.[page 10]
  • Yotsuba reached National level with the basketball team.[page 11]
  • Takeda's father official position is School Director.[page 13]
  • The others Nakano Quintuplets tried (successfully) to transfer together with Yotsuba by exposing their cheating.[page 14]
  • Gotoubun Principles is mentioned and applied once again.[page 17]
  • Yotsuba's trait of "living for everyone's sakes" originated from her dropout incident.[page 18]


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