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Sisters' War - Seventh Battle (Back Side) (シスターズウォー 七かいせんうら), Shisutāzu Wō Nanakaisen (Ura)?) is the eighty-fifth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.


During the progress leading toward Miku's confession, the sisters – who all escape from their respective courses – were revealed to be helping Miku from behind the scene.

Story Impact[]

  • Ichika, Nino, Yotsuba, and Itsuki are revealed to help Miku in one way or another during Chapter 84.
  • Yotsuba's reasoning to help Miku is because she is the timid one and want everyone to be happy.
  • Ichika did meet with Fuutarou back in Elementary School Kyoto Trip. She played a card game with him during the night at the Inn.
  • One Young Nakano (other than Ichika) met with Fuutarou first, this is when they buy the charm (shown in Chapter 34).

Chapter Notes[]

  • Nino and Ichika both fake being sick to join Couse E. Itsuki and Yotsuba are also in Course E due to unknown reasons. This is another proof of how the sisters often have the same train of thought.[page 2]
  • Ichika, Nino, Yotsuba, and Itsuki are revealed to cause the peculiar events surrounding Miku during Chapter 84. In order of events:
    • Ichika collided with Miku so she doesn't run away.[page 1]
    • Ichika and Nino simultaneously promoted costume play from "House of Costumes" to prevent Miku from leaving [page 2].
      • Nino distracted Maeda and Takeda by leading them away from "House of Costumes" to the haunted house.[1] [page 6]
      • Meanwhile, Ichika disguised as Miku and talk with the "House of Costumes" clerk which resulted in the clerk pushing Miku to wear the dress.[page 6]
    • Nino, through hugging Fuutarou, accidentally caused Miku to fall into the lake.[page 8]
      • Itsuki, for some reason, brought a spare set of underwear that Miku can use (Chapter 79).
    • Ichika set a no-entry sign near Miku and Fuutarou's area, so they can have some private time together.[page 10]
    • Yotsuba picked up Miku's bread (Chapter 80), however she forgot it at the hotel.[page 10]
      • Nevertheless, Ichika brought Miku's bread with her and stealthily put it beside Miku (Chapter 84).[page 11]
  • Callback to Chapter 1:
    • Yotsuba implies that initially, the black-hair Fuutarou was not Nino's type.[page 4]
    • Nino knows that Ichika took interest in Fuutarou during their first encounter, presumably the one at the school when Ichika initiate the conversation.[page 4]. However, Ichika stated that "it wasn't until that night..."
      • Ichika getting silent during that night in Chapter 25 is because she recognized Fuutarou as the boy she met years ago.[page 14-15] Her reaction is never explicitly shown. [2]
      • Ichika admitted that their meeting at the inn during the Elementary School Kyoto Trip is one of the factor that made Ichika like Fuutarou.[page 14-16].
  • Yotsuba's reasoning to help Miku is because she is the timid one and wants everyone to be happy.[page 12]
  • Ichika commented that their infighting is unnecessary.[page 12]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "I... just want everyone to be happy." - Yotsuba Nakano[page 12]
  • "Five years ago... Even if it was... Just for a short time... I'm sure it was because we shared that moment... That I came to love you." - Ichika Nakano[page 16]
  • "Although Fuutarou-kun most likely isn't going to believe me anymore, but at the very least... That memory alone wasn't a lie." - Ichika Nakano[page 17]
  • "Trying to get a leg up on each other and getting in each other's way...this fighting has all been completely meaningless. We're not enemies." - Ichika Nakano[page 20]


  • Yotsuba wears an outfit with diamond-shaped design, reflecting her order of birth.
  • The card game in page 4 does not have Heart number 6 and Heart number 8, a possible nod to Chapter 68 and romance.
  • This is the second time Nino hugs Fuutarou from behind, the first was when he picked her up with a motorbike in Chapter 59.
  • Ichika's somber reaction during Chapter 35 toward Fuutarou's question might also be a hint towards the revelation about her meeting 5 years ago with him.


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