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Sisters' War - First Battle (シスターズウォー 一かいせん, Shisutāzu Wō Ikkaisen?) is the seventy-eighth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the first chapter of Volume 10.


Miku's cooking is getting better, so she asks Yotsuba for help. Ichika also asks for Yotsuba to help her. Yotsuba, unsure about what to do, offers to pair Fuutarou with all four of her sisters, because the maximum number for the group for the school trip is five. Nino forces Fuutarou to pair together with her, but Fuutarou replies that he is already paired with Takeda and Maeda.

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou is in the same group as Takeda and Maeda for the School Trip. The Nakano Quintuplets are in the same group.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Komugiya is the bakery that Miku works part-time at.[page 1]
  • Yotsuba is helping Miku tests her cooking in several occasions.[page 2]
  • Revival's menu is increasing in popularity.[page 3]
  • Miku plans to give Fuutarou her cooking during the first day's lunch time.[page 3]
  • The school trip will last for 3 days, and the students have to form a group with a maximum number of 5.[page 4]
  • Nino indirectly tells her sisters about her affection to Fuutarou.[page 14-15]
  • Itsuki now believes what Fuutarou said about getting popular.[page 16]
  • Fuutarou is in the same group as Takeda and Maeda for the School Trip.[page 19]
  • Maeda is also assigned to Class 3-1.[page 19]
  • The Nakano Quintuplets are in the same group.[page 20]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "I meant everyone but me! This way, there's no problem." - Yotsuba Nakano[page 12]


  • Miku's cooking progression is shown three times, similar to her thematic number.
  • Uesugi Kenshin, Maeda Toshiie, and Takeda Shingen are three historical figures in the Sengoku Period of Japan. In Japanese History, however, the three of them are in the opposing sides.