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A Battle Amongst Women (おんないくさ, Onna no Ikusa?) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the last chapter of Volume 9.


Maruo hires Fuutarou as the sisters' tutor again and expect him to act professionally as a tutor. Fuutarou tells Itsuki about Ichika and Nino liking him, but before Itsuki share what's on her mind, they got interrupted. Itsuki is then shown holding a box of Rena's disguise.

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou is hired as the sisters' tutor (again) by Maruo.
  • Fuutarou believes what Ichika said about Miku supporting their relationship.
  • Itsuki's secret is about having another identity, Rena.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Maruo refers to the hospital as his.[page 3]
  • Maruo knows about Takeda's (past) ambition of becoming a physician.[page 3]
  • Maruo officially hires Fuutarou as a tutor again, despite he actually unwilling to do it.[page 4]
  • Maruo knew about Fuutarou's reluctance in accepting the job in the past.[page 6]
  • Maruo warns Fuutarou to behave properly as a tutor and gentleman.[page 7]
  • Itsuki is willing to share about her secrets.[page 12]
  • Fuutarou tells Itsuki about Ichika and Nino's affection for him.[page 13]
  • Fuutarou believes what Ichika said about Miku supporting their relationship.[page 13]
  • Itsuki reveals that she has more than one identity.[page 14]
  • Miku's cooking is getting better.[page 17]
  • Ichika found out about Fuutarou's photo and recognizes that it's from the Kyoto trip.[page 18]
  • Itsuki's box contains a disguise for Rena.[page 19]
  • Itsuki feels conflicted about what happened in the past.[page 19]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "I'll have those guys graduate with their next path in sight." - Fuutarou Uesugi


  • This is the last chapter of Volume 9, and it is about Nino's determination and Miku's excellent cooking. The first chapter of the volume, Chapter 69, is about Nino's determination and Miku's horrible cooking.
  • Fuutarou's new goal for the Nakano Quintuplets can be regarded as his third goal. The first is only about making the sisters able to graduate (Chapter 2, first hired as a tutor), the second is making the sisters graduate with smile (Chapter 3, after learning about the sisters), and this one, trying to find out what they want to be.
  • The Nakano Quintuplets' gifts to Fuutarou can be linked to his 5 wishes (asked by Miku in Chapter 70):
    • Ichika: money gift (vouchers) for his "becoming rich" wish
    • Nino: scented candles for his "sleep better" wish
    • Miku: gym vouchers for his "improving strength" wish
    • Yotsuba: paper cranes for his "improving luck" wish
    • Itsuki: energy drinks for his "more energy" wish
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 4: confrontation
    • page 14: confession
    • page 17: walking