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Advantage (アドバンテージ, Adobantēji?) is the seventy-first chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.


Nino begins her first day working with Fuutarou, but notices how he acts more distant. However, this is due to Fuutarou not knowing how to respond to Nino's confession. Despite trying to respond with anything, Nino stops him, telling him to know more about her first.

Story Impact[]

  • Nino begins working with Fuutarou at Revival.

Chapter Notes[]

  • The main events of the first semester are the National Mock Exam & the school trip.[page 2]
  • Nino begins her first day at Revival.[page 5]
  • Nino thinks that Fuutarou becomes even more distant than the past.[page 6]
  • There is a well-known food critic named MAY that will come to their store.[page 7]
  • MAY went to their store multiple times and have saved them from crisis.[page 7]
  • Fuutarou realizes that his only forte is studying.[page 13]
  • Fuutarou always tries to cut off relationship with others aside from family; that is why he doesn't have any experiences with confession before.[page 13]
  • Fuutarou gets embarrassed because of Nino.[page 16]
  • Nino calls Fuutarou "Fuu-kun."[page 16-17]
  • The food critic, MAY, is revealed to be Itsuki.[page 18]
  • Fuutarou looks at Nino's lips and thinks that she couldn't be the one who kissed him that day.[page 20]


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  • "We're working together now. I'll tell you more about myself, so please learn more about me! Then I hope you know just how much I like you!" - Nino Nakano[page 14-15]


  • Since the bell scene, Nino is the second Nakano Quintuplet to trigger Fuutarou's awareness towards lips (befitting her name). The first is Ichika in Chapter 69.
  • The name "MAY" that Itsuki uses means the fifth month of the calendar, while Itsuki's name literally means the month of May in Japanese.
  • MAY is shown to have reviewed Revival's cakes several times before, referring to Chapter 57 and Chapter 59.
  • This is the third Fuutarou and Nino-only double pages, the first is Chapter 26 and the second is Chapter 60.
  • Nino is the first Nakano Quintuplet to change the way she addresses Fuutarou (and also having the highest amount of nickname variations): you, that guy, Fuutarou, and in this chapter, Fuu-kun.
  • Nino is the first Nakano Quintuplet to give Fuutarou an air kiss.
  • Nino is the second Nakano Quintuplet to give Fuutarou either a direct or indirect kiss, the first being Yotsuba (a peck on Fuutarou's cheek) in Chapter 51.