Open the Door (扉を開けて, Tobira o akete?) is the sixth chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Chapter Notes

  • Itsuki label the Nakano Quintuplets as vivacious. 2
  • Yotsuba is still helping the basketball club. 2
  • Miku remarks that Fuutarou have "a face of villain". 4
  • Miku considers being seen half-naked as something that isn't a big deal. 5
  • Miku said that Nakano Quintuplets are "basically the same". 5
  • Itsuki has a good observation skill and deduction. 7
  • Miku labels Nino as someone who is too stubborn. 8
  • Ichika lament that the Nakano Quintuplets used to get along. 9
  • Fuutarou's favorite meal is curry udon. 10
  • Nino is revealed to actually care for her sisters and protective about them, hence her unnatural dislike towards Fuutarou. 16, 17
  • Nino resolve herself to never accept Fuutarou even if it will make the sisters hate her. 18, 19
  • Fuutarou hate meddling on other people's business. 20

This is the first chapter of volume 2, and one of the focus is a photo of Fuutarou and one Nakano sister. The last chapter of the volume, chapter 14, is also about a photo of Fuutarou and one Nakano sister.
Uesugi Family is located in the second floor.
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