Scrambled Eggs ④ (スクランブルエッグ④, Sukuramburu Eggu ④?) is the sixty-fourth chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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Fuutarou tries to deduce which one is whom, but unable to do so. He found out about fake Itsuki's injury, but lost her. Nino brings Ichika to the hotspring and tells her that about liking someone.


Story Impact

  • Yotsuba reveals her concerns to Fuutarou, about whether she will able to pull the disguise or not.
  • Nino tells Ichika that she has someone she like.

Chapter Notes

  • The Nakano Quintuplets' details are officially stated in this chapter:[1]
    • Birthday: May 5
    • Current age: 17 years old
    • Blood type: A
  • Fuutarou able to spot Yotsuba because she is bad at lying.[2]
  • Yotsuba is the first one who tried to dress differently several years ago.[3]
  • Grandfather worries a lot if the sisters didn't dress the same, that's why whenever the sisters visit him, they try to look the same.[4]
  • Yotsuba reveals her worry, which is her ability to pull the disguise.[5]
  • Fuutarou recalled that the Itsuki he had met the night before had an injury on her leg.[6]
  • Miku accidentally wrote her old address for the lottery, this is why Papa knew about the hot spring.[7]
  • Fuutarou tries to look at Miku's body so earnestly, hoping he could identify the sister.[8]
  • Grandfather is able to differentiate the sisters easily.[9]
  • Grandfather was able to identify the sisters easily.[10]
  • The sisters have gone into the hotspring together at once in the past.[11]
  • Nino tells Ichika that she has someone she likes.[12]
  • Itsuki worries about Fuutarou, but it actually because she's hungry.[13]


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  • "Try a little harder. Even I, want Fuutarou to get it right" - Miku Nakano[14]


  • The grandfather says to Fuutarou to not put his hand on her granddaughter again, meaning that the first granddaughter (Fake Itsuki in Chapter 62) and this chapter's granddaughter is the same person.


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