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Scrambled Eggs ③ (スクランブルエッグ③, Sukuranburu Eggu ③?) is the sixty-third chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.


Nino gets in the bath with Fuutarou, but he can't recognize her, making her mad. Itsuki now acknowledges Fuutarou as a friend with the Nakano Quintuplets.

Story Impact[]

  • The Nakano Quintuplets sister who tries to sever her relationship with Fuutarou is not the real Itsuki.
  • Ichika, Nino, Miku and Yotsuba disguise as Itsuki due to unknown reason(s).

Chapter Notes[]

  • Fuutarou once again calls Nakano Maruo as "dad."[page 2]
  • Raiha's phone is first shown clearly.[page 5]
  • Fuutarou arranges a meeting with Itsuki in the hot spring.[page 5][page 6]
  • Fuutarou and Itsuki use a code to confirm their identity.[page 6]
  • Itsuki confirms that the girl who tried to sever her relationship with Fuutarou is one of her sisters.[page 7]
  • Nino comes into Fuutarou's bath and offers to scrub him.[page 8][page 9]
  • Fuutarou is unable to identify the girl in front of him.[page 9]
  • Itsuki says as long as Fuutarou has love, he will be able to identify the sisters.[page 11]
  • Itsuki notices that the sisters are acting strange ever since the spring break.[page 12]
  • Itsuki acknowledges Fuutarou as her (and her sisters) "friend."[page 14]
  • Itsuki comes into Fuutarou half-naked to thank him.[page 15][page 16]
  • Fuutarou is greeted by four Itsuki lookalike.[page 18-19]
  • One of the Nakano Quintuplets propose the Quintuplets Game to Fuutarou, asking whether he is able to identify each of them or not.[page 20]


List of characters in order of their appearance :


  • "The numerous days we spent studying for exams, fireworks festival, field trip, new year celebration, we spent all that time together. Doesn't that already make us... friends?" - Itsuki Nakano [page 14]


  • This is the third time Nino sees a half-naked Fuutarou. The first is Chapter 16, and the second is Chapter 43.
  • This is the third Nino and Fuutarou's bath scene. The first is Chapter 16, and the second being Chapter 43.
  • This is the first time Nino and Fuutarou see each other half-naked directly.
  • This is the second time Fuutarou sees a half-naked Nino, the first is Chapter 5.
  • This is the first time Fuutarou sees a half-naked Itsuki.
  • Itsuki is the third Nakano Quintuplets to be seen half-naked by Fuutarou, the first is Nino (Chapter 5) and then Ichika (Chapter 35).
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 7: arrival
    • page 9: hesitation
    • page 13: thinking
    • page 15: deciding