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The Last Exam - Itsuki’s Side (最後の試験が五月の場合, Saigo no Shiken ga Itsuki no Baai?) is the fifty-seventh chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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Itsuki Nakano passes the exam and she met Shimoda, Rena Nakano's (the Nakano quintuplets') former student and they have a conversation with her where Itsuki reveals that she aspires to become a teacher in front of her mother's grave.


Story Impact

  • Itsuki Nakano's goal is to pass the exam and overcoming one important step for her dream.
  • Itsuki aspiration of becoming a teacher is shown.
  • Rena Nakano (the Nakano quintuplets') passed away on August 14 five years ago.

Chapter Notes

  • In one study session, Itsuki Nakano is absent and Nino Nakano tells Fuutarou Uesugi that today is Rena Nakano's (the Nakano quintuplets') death anniversary.[1][2]
  • Mama Nakano passed away on August 14 and Itsuki visits her grave every month.[3]
  • Itsuki wonders how she will be able to be like her mother.[4]
  • According to Shimoda, Itsuki looks very similar to her mother.[5]
  • Shimoda knows the shop's manager, and label him as a creepy guy. However, she praises the cake.[6]
  • Mama Nakano was a high school teacher.[7]
  • Mama Nakano is a scary and unsociable woman who never smiled, but she was loved and adored because she is a very beautiful woman.[8]
  • When Mama Nakano became a teacher, she was a recently graduated students.[9]
  • Mama Nakano had her own fan clubs and even girls are charmed by her.[10]
  • Mama Nakano brought a lasting impression to her students because of her conviction and charms.[11]
  • Shimoda works as a lecturer at a cram school.[12]
  • Shimoda advises Itsuki that there is other way to be like her mom.[13]
  • Shimoda and Itsuki exchange contact address.[14]
  • Fuutarou visits Mama Nakano's grave.[15]
  • The new study method works well with the sisters.[16]
  • Itsuki passes the exam with total score of 224:[17]
    • Japanese: 47
    • Math: 35
    • Science: 70 (Itsuki's strongest subject since the start of the series)
    • Social Studies: 32
    • English: 40


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  • "How does it feel to receive words of gratitude from someone you taught? For me.. I want to treasure the feelings from that time" - Itsuki Nakano[18]



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