The Last Exam - Yotsuba’s Side (最後の試験が四葉の場合, Saigo no Shiken ga Yotsuba no Baai no Baai?) is the fifty-sixth chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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Story Impact

  • Yotsuba's goal is to pass the exam and to not hold her sisters back.
  • Yotsuba failed her First Year and flunked out, but all of her sisters willingly transfer school with her.

Chapter Notes

  • Fuutarou reaches his limit because he lacks the experience in teaching.
  • Fuutarou owns a book about teaching.
  • Fuutarou brings the Nakano Quintuplets to an amusement park.
  • The last time they went to the park is with their mother.
  • The sisters play various entertainment, and Itsuki seems eager to try things.
  • Fuutarou notices Yotsuba missing, and he finds her inside a feriss wheel because of her ribbon sticking up.
  • Yotsuba states that she is the dumbest among the sisters.
  • Yotsuba passes the exam with total score of 184:
    • Japanese: 51 (Yotsuba's strongest subject since the start of the series)
    • Math: 33
    • Science: 32
    • Social Studies: 36
    • English: 32

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  • "An idiot like me can be helpful to everyone? I won't be the me who just hold everyone back anymore?" - Yotsuba Nakano
  • "It feels like.. my efforts have been rewarded for the first time ever" - Yotsuba Nakano


  • Yotsuba is the third Nakano Quintuplets who cries in front of Fuutarou. The first being Ichika in Chapter 27 and the second is Nino in Chapter 43.
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
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