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The Problems Keep Piling Up (もんだいやまみ, Mondai wa Yamazumi?) is the fifth chapter of 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the last chapter of Volume 1.

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Fuutarou once again attempts to tutor the sisters, only to be interrupted by Nino. Fuutarou then decides to go home only to return shortly thereafter as he forgets his wallet. Unfortunately, he encounters a half-naked girl — covered only with a towel — who he presumed to be Miku but turns out to be Nino who starts talking to Fuutarou thinking that he is Miku. Seeing books about to fall onto Nino, Fuutarou tries to save her but accidentally falls on top of her. Both frantically try to make sense of the situation until Itsuki returns home to see this scene and takes a photo.

Story Impact

  • Ichika and Itsuki remain indifferent to Fuutarou's tutoring.

Chapter Notes

  • Another indication of Fuutarou's lack of knowledge in technology: he is unfamiliar with Nakano Quintuplets' apartment lock system.[page 1]
  • Yotsuba being good at sports is first mentioned by Nino.[page 5]
  • Nino manages to manipulate Yotsuba into helping the basketball team.[page 6]
  • Yotsuba acknowledges that she "cannot abandon people in need", Miku also notes that Yotsuba is "someone who cannot say no."[page 5][page 6]
  • Nino labels Fuutarou as "dull looking guy" while Miku calls Nino "shallow." They proceed to argue.[page 8][page 9]
  • Miku's competitive nature resurfaced.[page 10]
  • Miku's poor cooking skill is first shown.[page 11]
  • Fuutarou notices that Nino is someone who "schemes."[page 13]
  • Miku says that Fuutarou needs to use sincerity to deal with Nino.[page 13]
  • Nino uses contact lens. Her poor eyesight is first shown.[page 17]
  • Nino's reason for hating Fuutarou is because she thinks that their home is only for the five of them.[page 20]
  • Nino accidentally injures her arm by unconsciously slapping the cupboard.[page 21]
  • Ichika is seen leaving a man's car who praises Ichika for her performance.[page 23]
  • Yotsuba is getting praised as a skilled player by a basketball club member and asked to join them.[page 24]
  • Itsuki wears high-heels.[page 26]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "React to me, sensors!" - Fuutarou Uesugi[page 1]
  • "I'm sorry Uesugi-san, but I can't ignore people in trouble!" - Yotsuba Nakano[page 6]
  • "You won't get it if I tell you. Isn't figuring that out is your job?" - Miku Nakano[page 14]
  • "This house is for the five of us. There's no room for him here.." - Nino Nakano[page 20]


  • This is the last chapter of Volume 1, and there is a scene of Fuutarou seeing a half-naked Nakano sister. In the first chapter of Volume 1, Chapter 1, one of the Nakano sisters saw a half-naked Fuutarou.
  • The scene where a Nakano Quintuplet accidentally injures her arm by slapping it into a hard surface is a pattern shown several times in the series.
  • Based on the cover, one of the books that fall on Nino might be "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Amusingly, the story is about a social second eldest daughter who has the tendency to form a prejudicial first impression, especially on a certain man.
  • Nino is the first Nakano Quintuplets to be pushed down (although accidentally) by Fuutarou.
  • Nino is the first Nakano Quintuplets who is seen half-naked by Fuutarou.
  • This is the first time Fuutarou sees a half-naked Nakano Quintuplet.
  • This is the first time Fuutarou sees a half-naked Nino. The second time is on Scrambled Eggs Arc.
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 2: hesitant
    • page 13: togetherness
    • page 14: turning around/returning
    • page 26: taking off shoes
  • In the anime, the appearance mysterious man that drops off Ichika is more distinguished.