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It's okay to be different

― Miku Nakano.[page 12]

The Seven Goodbyes ⑧ (ななつのさよなら⑧, Nanatsu no Sayonara ⑧?) is the forty-sixth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.


Miku is having a conversation with Nino, she tells her that everyone changes. Affected by her words, Nino let go of the past by cutting her hair.

Story Impact[]

  • Due to Miku's words, Nino starting to let go of the past.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Miku prefers green tea over black tea.[page 2]
  • Nino uses a lot of sugar for her tea.[page 3]
  • Nino prefers black tea because it can be customized according to her mood.[page 3]
  • Nino reveals to Miku that Fuutarou tricks her by disguising. Miku reminds her that the sisters also did the same to him.[page 6]
  • Nino also tell her about Fuutarou wanting the sisters be together as five.[page 8]
  • Nino complaints that the sisters started to become different as they grow up.[page 8]
  • Miku explains to Nino that both of them changes too.[page 9]
  • Miku reveals to Nino that she likes History and Sengoku Generals.[page 10]
  • Miku describes the Nakano Quintuplets as having 20% comprehension about emotions, and by changing and experiencing different things, they can complete it to 100%.[page 11]
  • Miku reassures Nino that it is okay to be different.[page 12]
  • While Nino not around, the sisters' meals are in a mess.[page 13]
  • Miku and Nino arguing about the black tea versus green tea, only to find that both originated from the same root.[page 15]
  • Fuutarou tried to make Itsuki disguise as Yotsuba.[page 15]


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