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In any case, she is an idiot

― Fuutarou Uesugi[page 8]

The Seven Goodbyes ④ (ななつのさよなら④, Nanatsu no Sayonara 4?) is the forty-second chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the first chapter of Volume 6.

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The girl claims to be Rena, the one from Fuutarou's past. He tells her about his current life and the Nakano Quintuplets. Rena, however, stated that she won't meet him again, and take Fuutarou's photo. Devastated, Fuutarou goes to Nino's hotel.

Story Impact[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • Fuutarou doesn't remember the girl, even when the girl intentionally dressed like her past self.[page 2]
  • The girl owns a charm similar to the one in Fuutarou's flashback, and Fuutarou finally recognize her. He tried to get away from her.[page 2][page 3][page 4]
  • Fuutarou said that he can't meet the girl yet.[page 4]
  • The girl takes Fuutarou's notebook and ask him for a boat ride.[page 5]
  • The girl introduces herself as Rena.[page 5]
  • Rena knows about his job as a tutor.[page 7]
  • Rena is seemingly unfazed by the possibility of quintuplets existing.[page 7]
  • Fuutarou describes the Nakano Quintuplets one by one and that make Rena blush.[page 8]
  • Rena consider Fuutarou as someone who is necessary figure for the quintuplets.[page 9]
  • Rena thinks that she need to disappear since it will tying Fuutarou down.[page 10]
  • Rena returns Fuutarou's notebook but not the photo of him and Rena.[page 12]
  • Rena said that she can't meet him again, and give Fuutarou her charm.[page 13]
  • Rena asks Fuutarou to open the charm when he is ready.[page 14]
  • Fuutarou goes to Nino's hotel room and Nino reluctantly receives him.[page 18]


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  • This is the first chapter of Volume 6, and shows Rena's goodbye to Fuutarou and he falling into a body of water. The last chapter of Volume 6, Chapter 50, shows Fuutarou fell into a body of water and his goodbye to Rena.
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 13: deep thought
    • page 14: accident
    • page 16: running 
  • Nino owns a cute towel with heart-shaped design.[page 19]