Confession on the Rooftop (屋上の告白, Okujō no Kokuhaku?) is the third chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Chapter Notes

  • Nakano Family owns a limo. 2,4
  • Itsuki's ahoge changes form depending on her expression. 6
  • Fuutarou has a book called "Quintuplets Grand Plan", one of the content is the detail of Nakano Quintuplets' mock test results. 8
  • Fuutarou acknowledge that human relations isn't his strong point. 8
  • Miku's favored drinks is "Matcha Soda". According to Fuutarou it has weird flavor. 9
  • Up until now, Fuutarou still can't understand Miku. 10
  • Ichika label the Nakano Quintuplets as "idiots". 11
  • Fuutarou consider love as something foolish and he detests it. 12
  • Miku invite Fuutarou to the rooftop through a letter. 14
  • Miku has a Japanese history related phone wallpaper. 20
  • Miku likes Generals from Sengoku Period, this is started from a game she borrowed. 21
  • Nakano Family has a gaming console. 22
  • Fuutarou borrows a stack of history books. 32
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