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Black warning This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

Today and Kyoto's Tough Luck and Togetherness (今日きょうきょうきょうきょう, Kyō to Kyōto no Kyō to Kyō?) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

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  • Title Page: First page of the chapter.


Fuutarou tells Itsuki about his past, and he found out that Itsuki and the girl from his past have the same charm.

Story Impact[]

  • Itsuki learns about Fuutarou's past and his reason to study.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Itsuki tells Fuutarou that she won't leave until he tells her the reason.[page 1]
  • Fuutarou in his past resembled his father with the blonde, spiky hair.[page 3]
  • Fuutarou was out on a school trip and brought along a camera he took from his father's equipment.[page 5]
  • Fuutarou gets reported to two policemen by a random passerby.[page 9]
  • The girl from the photograph appears, defending Fuutarou from the police.[page 11]
  • Itsuki tells Fuutarou the same thing the girl from his past did.[page 16][page 17]
  • Itsuki pulls out a charm that she had bought from Kyoto during a trip, the same charm and place where the girl from Fuutarou's past got it from.[page 19]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "I would like your help, we need you" - Young Nakano[page 16]


  • Itsuki's expressive ahoge is shown again in this chapter. It gets stiff from a shock.[page 20]