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The Binding Legend: Day 3 ③ (結びの伝説 3日目③, Musubi no densetsu mikkame ③?) is the thirty-first chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.


Fuutarou is resting in his room. The Nakano Quintuplets decide to accompany Fuutarou and not joining the bonfire event.

Story Impact[]

  • Miku declares her love towards Fuutarou to Ichika.
  • During the bonfire, all five of Nakano Quintuplets are together in Fuutarou's room.
  • Itsuki is the first to hold Fuutarou's hand at the start of the bonfire.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Fuutarou is resting in a room and miss the bonfire.[page ]
  • Fuutarou informs Nino that "Kintarou" unable to come tonight.[page 3]
  • Miku is checking Ichika's temperature by placing her forehead to Ichika's forehead.[page 5]
  • Miku noticed Fuutarou's poor physical state since the start of the camping trip.[page 5]
  • Ichika apologizes to Miku about the dance and it's importance to Miku.[page 6]
  • Miku is concerned with her sisters' feelings toward Fuutarou and afraid that they can't be equal.[page 7]
  • Miku confesses to Ichika that she loves Fuutarou.[page 8]
  • Yotsuba finds Fuutarou's guidebook and notice how much he expect the camping trip.[page 11]
  • Yotsuba feel responsible because she was the one who brought Fuutarou outside against his will.[page 11]
  • Itsuki consoles Yotsuba by showing her Fuutarou's notes praising Yotsuba.[page 12]
  • The bald teacher is revealed to be the head teacher.[page 14]
  • Itsuki is seen sneaking into Fuutarou's room.[page 15]
  • All of the Nakano Quintuplets are inside Fuutarou's room and they turn on the lamp at the same time.[page 16]
  • Miku doesn't expect that Nino is coming, Nino reply that she just want to give him a charm.[page 18]
  • All of the Nakano Quintuplets don't attend the bonfire dance.[page 20]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "In the end, we can't know what he feels, what he thinks, unless we ask him personally" - Itsuki Nakano[page 12]


  • Itsuki is the first Nakano Quintuplet who holds Fuutarou's hand at the start of the bonfire.
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 15: hitting
    • page 18: turning around
  • Nakano Quintuplets Formation:
    • page 1: Ichika - Miku - Itsuki - Nino - Yotsuba
    • page 16-17: Itsuki - Yotsuba - Ichika -  Miku - Nino