Template:ChapterBoxHome Visit (お宅訪問, O Taku Hōmon?) is the second chapter of 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.


Fuutarou visits the Nakano Quintuplets' apartment and asks the girls to join his study session.

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Title Page: An image comprised of the partial shots from each quintuplets' facial features.

Chapter Notes

  • Raiha is the one who cook in the family. 2
  • Papa Nakano confirms that the Nakano Quintuplets is "identical quintuplets". 3
  • Papa Nakano's task to Fuutarou is to guide the sisters through graduation. 3
  • Fuutarou's goal is to make the sisters graduate without problems. 4
  • Fuutarou is using the apartment's phone to contact Papa Nakano. 5
  • Yotsuba is eager to be taught, and happy because the tutor is someone in the same grade. 6
  • Their apartment has a second floor, and the sisters' room are there adjacent to each other. 7
  • Yotsuba noted that Itsuki is someone "diligent". 7
  • Itsuki rejects Fuutarou because she thinks he's not decent enough. 8
  • According to Yotsuba, Miku is the smartest among the sisters. 9
  • Miku has a Japanese-themed room. 9
  • Miku rejects Fuutarou for the same reason as Itsuki, she thinks he's not decent enough. This is a hint that the sisters have similar train of thought. 9
  • Yotsuba calls Nino as a "social butterfly" and has a lot of friends. 9
  • Nino has a cute & girly room. 10
  • Ichika's room is very messy & unorganized. 10
  • Ichika's sleeping/napping habit is first shown. 11
  • Ichika calls Fuutarou as "Fuutarou-kun". 11
  • Yotsuba often cleans Ichika's room. 11
  • Ichika usually sleeps naked. 12
  • Ichika's teasing habit is first shown. 13
  • Ichika owns a sexy undergarments. 14
  • Ichika remarks that she and Yotsuba have the same figure. 14
  • According to Ichika, Yotsuba still use childish panties. 14
  • Miku calls Fuutarou as "Fuutarou". 15
  • Miku threw away her previous school's PE uniform. 16
  • Nino is shown to be able to cook, she made cookies with cute designs. She also has a cute kitchen gloves. 18
  • Yotsuba's excellent eyesight is shown again, she is able to recognize the nametag on Nino's uniform from the second floor. 18
  • Nino has a rabbit-themed phone covers. 19
  • Ichika praise Nino's cooking. 19
  • Nino-Miku quarrel is first shown. 19
  • Miku's low sense of modesty is first shown. She tried to undress Nino' even if Fuutarou still around. 19
  • Nino suspects that Fuutarou and her father have some kind of arrangement. 22


List of characters in order of their appearance:

Raiha Uesugi 
Fuutarou Uesugi 
Papa Nakano (voice only) 
Yotsuba Nakano 
Itsuki Nakano 
Miku Nakano 
Ichika Nakano 
Nino Nakano 
Isanari Uesugi 


Negi's Shoe Panel :
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Nakano Quintuplets Formation : 
- page 42 : Itsuki, Nino, Miku, Ichika, Yotsuba 


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