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The Binding Legend: First Day (むすびのでんせつ しょにち, Musubi no Densetsu Shonichi?) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the first chapter of Volume 4.

Cover Page[]

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  • Title Page: Nakano Quintuplets coming into an inn in a snowy day.


Due to the bad weather, Fuutarou and the sisters spends the night an inn. The sisters worried about staying together in the same room, which soon proven useless because Fuutarou fell asleep fast.

Story Impact[]

  • Raiha made a charm for Fuutarou.
  • Ichika tried to make Fuutarou pats her, but got interrupted.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Fuutarou and the sisters play Quintuplets Finger Game, where they guess which finger the other girl show.[page 1]
    • Thumb: Ichika
    • Index finger: Nino
    • Middle finger: Miku
    • Ring finger: Yotsuba
    • Pinky finger: Itsuki
  • Fuutarou never spent the night far away from home since elementary school.[page 2]
  • The present Raiha made in Chapter 22 is shown for the first time. It's a bracelet shaped charm.[page 5]
  • The Test of Courage will begin on the second day and the bonfire is on the third day.[page 7]
  • It has been awhile since all of the Nakano Quintuplets bathe together.[page 10]
  • Yotsuba still wears her ribbon when bathing.[page 10]
  • Yotsuba's ribbon changes form depending on her emotion.[page 12]
  • No one is willing to sleep near Fuutarou, thus they decide to change their hairstyle and sleep together.[page 14]
  • Nakano Quintuplets made a mess during their sleep.[page 16]
  • Ichika takes Fuutarou's hand and tried to make Fuutarou pats her head, but unable to complete the action because of Itsuki's sudden interruption.[page 17]
  • Itsuki is seated together with Fuutarou.[page 20]
  • Ichika received a message about her acting job and the possibility of taking a break from the school.[page 20]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "Let's make it equal!" - Miku Nakano [page 13]


  • This is the first chapter of Volume 4 and it's about the Nakano Quintuplets' finger game which involves all five fingers. In the last chapter of Volume 4, Chapter 32, each of the Nakano Quintuplets holds a finger of Fuutarou's.
  • Nino is the first character to purposely show a middle finger in the series.[page 2]
  • Nakano Quintuplets Formation
    • page 5: Nino - Miku - Itsuki - Yotsuba - Ichika
    • page 14: Yotsuba - Nino - Ichika - Itsuki - Miku