The Legend that Binds (結びの伝説, Musubi no densetsu?) is the twenty-second chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Chapter Notes

Yotsuba thought that the blonde wig suits Fuutarou. 3
Yotsuba said that Fuutarou is seldom to be sociable. 3
Fuutarou is forced to be an executive committee for the test of courage. 4
There is a legend surrounding the field trip, those who dance at the closing dance during the campfire dance is bound to be together for life. 9
Miku's first impersonation of Ichika is shown. 9
A new character is introduced, Maeda. 10
Maeda is unable to recognize Miku. He proceed to ask her (Ichika) to dance with him. 15
Miku lie to Maeda and tell him that she will dance with Fuutarou. 19
Raiha is crafting something in school.
Raiha gotten ill in the school.

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