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Fuutarou the Lying Liar (うそつきうそたろう, Usotsuki Usotarō?) is the eighteenth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

  • Color Spread: -
  • Color Page: Miku Nakano and Ichika Nakano in swimsuit
  • Title Page: -


Fuutarou comes up with a lie for Miku's and Itsuki's situation. He indirectly apologize to Itsuki, while she does the same.

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou and Itsuki indirectly make up with each other.

Chapter Notes[]

  • It is rare for Ichika to be up early during a day off.[page 3]
  • Itsuki first impersonation of Miku is shown.[page 5]
  • Itsuki's ahoge is retractable.[page 5]
  • Fuutarou usually wakes up at 7.30 am.[page 6]
  • Yotsuba remarks that she is the one most likely to repeat a year.[page 11]
  • Fuutarou purposely mistook Itsuki for Miku, and she plays along with it.[page 16]
  • Itsuki changes her polite speech to better suits Miku's profile, indicating her experience in disguising as her sister.[page 17]
  • Fuutarou apologizes indirectly to Itsuki. She also does the same.[page 19]
  • When Fuutarou woke up in Miku's room and Itsuki knocked at the door dressed up as Miku, in the manga he apparently immediately recognize the disguised Itsuki, in anime he recognize her only by the pyjamas.


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "I would repeat my second year with her" - Yotsuba Nakano[page 11]


  • This is Itsuki's first double page.[page 21][page 22]
  • Miku is the first Nakano Quintuplets to sleep in a bed with Fuutarou.
  • Miku bumps into Fuutarou for the first time in this chapter. Fuutarou bumped into Miku back in Chapter 4, and with this, they have bumped into each other.
  • Not long after Volume 3 publication (the volume this chapter in), Negi tweeted a bonus picture showing Yotsuba, Nino, and Itsuki swimsuits, completing the quintuplets' outfits.
  • Later in Chapter 35, a photograph shows Nakano Quintuplets having a vacation on their holiday wearing these swimsuits.[1]
  • Yotsuba acknowledging her incompetence is actually a hint for future event.


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