The Things We’ve Gained (積み上げたもの, Tsumiageta mono?) is the fifteenth chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Chapter Notes

Itsuki wears glasses in class. 1
Ichika is shown dozing off in her class. 1
Itsuki has never been late and missed a class. 2
Nino's two close friends is shown. 7
Yotsuba change into a new ribbon because it's the new trend. 10, 12
The school field trip is right after the midterm exams. 11
The midterm exams will cover Japanese, Math, English, Science, and Social. 13
Papa Nakano contacts Fuutarou through Itsuki. 18
Papa Nakano's silouhette is first shown. 18
Papa Nakano sets a condition to Fuutarou: if the sisters fail the exams, he will be fired. 20

This is the first chapter of volume 3, there is a scene of Yotsuba waving at Fuutarou. The last chapter of volume 3, chapter, there is also a scene of Yotsuba waving at Fuutarou.
Nino is the first girl to slap Fuutarou. 9
Nakano Quintuplets' Formation :
- page 2 : Itsuki - Miku - Yotsuba - Nino - Ichika

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