Nice Girl Everybody Likes (人好きのお人好し, Hitozuki no ohitoyoshi?) is the thirteenth chapter of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Chapter Notes

Ichika told the Nakano Quintuplets about her acting job. 3
Ichika asks Fuutarou to exchange contact address with all of the sisters. 4
Ichika took a picture of Fuutarou sleeping on her lap.
Yotsuba is making paper cranes for a friend of a friend. 5
Yotsuba is tasked by a teacher to help him with stuff. 6
Miku gives her address to Fuutarou willingly.
Fuutarou entices Itsuki to give her address by offering Raiha's contact details. 10
Nino is forced to give Fuutarou her address because she's afraid to be left out. 11
Basketball club captain's name is "Hongou". 13
Fuutarou's notebook is left with Nino. 13
Yotsuba declines Hongou's invitation to join the basketball club. 16
Basketball team members praise Yotsuba for her skill and talent for basketball. 17
Fuutarou's first message to the Nakano Quintuplets is another study material for them. The sisters regret giving him their numbers. 20

Nino owns a cute pen. 12
The Nakano Quintuplets have the same phone model.
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