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Five Years Ago's Certain Day (五ねんまえのとある, Gonen-mae no to Aru Hi[1]?) is the one-hundred and twentieth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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Time progresses, as Fuutarou and the Quintuplets follow their dreams.

Story Impact

  • Ichika got a lead role for the upcoming drama
  • Fuutarou revealed that he applied to Tokyo University (Todai), already got accepted, and will be moving to Tokyo and away from them after graduation.
  • Yotsuba went to an interview for the Sports-focused University mentioned in Chapter 117.
  • Nino decided to stick with Miku and apply to Culinary School with her.
  • Itsuki's hard work finally paid off and she got accepted into her desired university.

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  1. ^ a b The reading for "五" is not given. The reading provided in this article is for reading assistance only.