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Five Hours, One Room (五かんひと, Gojikan Hitoheya[1]?) is the one-hundred and sixteenth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

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Miku and Yotsuba stay overnight at a karaoke club and discuss their feelings and the aftermath of Fuutarou's decision.

Story Impact[]

  • Miku and Yotsuba clear up their misunderstandings and Miku finds herself happy with who she has become.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Due to strong winds, the trains stopped running, forcing Miku and Yotsuba to stay at a karaoke club until the next day.
  • Miku says she was joking when she said she would 'transform' into Yotsuba.
  • She takes off the ribbon, claps her hands and suggests that they should sing.
  • Although Miku doesn't have a particular song that she knows how to sing well, she chooses to sing a song that Nino always listens to. Yotsuba also chooses the same song.
  • Miku confronts Yotsuba over the way the latter interacted with Fuutarou. Yotsuba stresses that her feelings for Fuutarou have never changed.
  • Miku persuades Yotsuba to accept her's and the other sisters' feelings of anger over the decision.
  • Yotsuba resolves to sing better than Miku to represent her unwillingness to stand down for her sisters any longer. The two sisters get into a competition over who can sing better.
  • After spending a night together, their conflicts seem resolved.
  • Yotsuba states that she wants to see everyone.
  • Miku reminisces over her memories with Fuutarou and her determination to become a person that he could fall for.
  • She then takes the ribbon out of her pocket and throws it into the ocean while smiling, showing that she has to come to like herself enough to be her own person rather than trying to become one of her sisters, specifically Yotsuba.


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  1. ^ a b The reading for "五" is not given. The reading provided in this article is for reading assistance only.