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The Last Festival - Fuutarou's Side ② (さいまつりがふうろうあい②, Saigo no Matsuri ga Fūtarō no Bāi 2?) is the one-hundred and fourteenth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the first chapter of Volume 14.

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The first three pages of the chapter open with memories of the times Fuutarou and Yotsuba spent together throughout the course of the story, starting from the time they met in the school cafeteria. After the flashbacks end, Yotsuba asks why Fuutarou is in the room and then quickly tries to rationalize it to Fuutarou being injured and he came to the infirmary for that reason. However, Fuutarou states that he came to see Yotsuba. She tries to ridicule the notion by saying there's no way that could happen, to Fuutarou's expectations. He then asks why she wasn't in her room and Yotsuba tentatively responds that she didn't think there was any chance he'd come. Fuutarou reveals that he bought karaage with the voucher she gave him two days earlier to share some food with her. With his answer having been given, Fuutarou tries to ask how Yotsuba feels but she shuts him down immediately with an apology. Fuutarou is stunned by the reaction and is unable to respond initially, although he then says that he didn't think he'd be instantly be shot down. Yotsuba then claims it's an honour for Fuutarou to feel that way about her but that it would be a waste to settle for her. Fuutarou, while clutching his hair out of habit due to nervousness, then grows curious and asks again how Yotsuba feels.

Flustered by the question, Yotsuba flees from the infirmary and Fuutarou irritatedly tries to pursue her but ends up loosing track of her, leading him to stomp the ground in frustration in front of a stairwell. Itsuki then appears at the top of the steps. Upon seeing her, Fuutarou tries asking about the remaining Nakano sisters, but Itsuki interrupts him and informs Fuutarou of the direction Yotsuba ran off in. Itsuki sternly tells Fuutarou that there's only one place for him to be heading towards and that unnecessary consideration towards the other sisters would only add insult to injury. Fuutarou briefly apologizes and resumes his pursuit of Yotsuba.

While running through the school grounds, additional memories of Yotsuba surface in Fuutarou's mind: the times she told him to enjoy the field trip, the school trip to Kyoto and the Sunrise Festival with no regrets. Fuutarou mentally remarks that she was always saying that to the point where it was almost annoying and then strengthens his resolve based on her words, that he won't give up. As Fuutarou rounds the corner of a building, both he and Yotsuba spot each other. Yotsuba is about to continue running as Fuutarou calls out to her to wait, but he stumbles over a stone block and falls flat on his face on the grass, to Yotsuba's shock. When Fuutarou doesn't move, Yotsuba worriedly walks over to him and asks if he's okay when suddenly Fuutarou reaches out and grabs on to her ankle to prevent her from running away. Fuutarou then begins his confession, stating that while he truly loves all of Yotsuba's sisters and that he's proud of being their tutor, he would not have made it this far without her. Yotsuba begins tearing up at his words and sits on the grass beside Fuutarou's head after he rolls over onto his back. She asks why Fuutarou has decided to do this but he continues with his confession, stating that he's a weak person that will stumble over other obstacles in the future. As a 'selfish request' from a 'pathetic man', Fuutarou tells an emotionally moved Yotsuba that it would make him really happy for her to be by his side during those times and that he wants to support her just like how she has supported him in the past; even if she hates that idea, he'll be fine with it. Fuutarou stretches up his left hand towards Yotsuba and asks about her feelings once more. In tears, Yotsuba tries to convince herself to say she hates Fuutarou and to end any possibility of a future with him while memories of him surge through her mind, starting from the day she met him in Kyoto six years prior.

Unable to hold back her true feelings any longer, Yotsuba confesses her love for Fuutarou to him while sitting among the grass and flowers under a bright, star-lit sky. As shock forms on Fuutarou's face, Yotsuba admits that she cannot lie to him and that she has always loved him.

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou and Yotsuba confess their feelings for each other out on the school grounds after a chase from the infirmary.

Chapter Notes[]

  • A series of flashbacks starting from Chapter 1 show memories of the times Fuutarou and Yotsuba spent together
  • Fuutarou tries asking about Yotsuba's feelings, resulting in her running away from the infirmary.
  • After Itsuki directs him and tells him to go after Yotsuba, Fuutarou catches up with the latter and is able to convey his feelings about her.
  • Yotsuba finally confesses her love despite trying to hold herself back from doing so.


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