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The Last Festival - Fuutarou's Side (さいまつりがふうろうあい, Saigo no Matsuri ga Fūtarō no Bāi?) is the one-hundred and thirteenth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and the last chapter of Volume 13.

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The chapter opens with Fuutarou, Takeda and Maeda at a rest area set up around a fountain talking about the festival and relationships, with the latter mentioning how going back to the daily grind at school from tomorrow onwards is depressing - although Fuutarou and Takeda don't share the same sentiment. Fuutarou laments over how he has mostly spent his time helping in the background during the school festival. Maeda suggests that they go grab something to eat from the stalls and Fuutarou mentions that he has an appointment with someone afterwards.

Maeda tells him that he saw the Nakano Quintuplets at the awards ceremony earlier and that he is able to recognize Ichika among them, with Takeda and Fuutarou teasing him a little over that fact. When Takeda mentions that Fuutarou should be able to distinguish all of them, the latter expresses his lack of confidence in being able to pull off such a feat. He reminisces over the times the quintuplets disguised as each other to confused him or otherwise, and fondly says that they're a pain to the very end. Takeda then asks the first important question: who was Fuutarou able to tell apart first from the quintuplets? The questionee tries to change the subject by saying they should hit up the stalls, but Takeda holds him back because he wants to know what's going on with Fuutarou; the latter tries to tell him to shut up and that he has nothing to say while Takeda persists saying that Fuutarou should not be keeping secrets from his buddies.

Maeda then springs the second important question: is Fuutarou in love with one of the quintuplets? Fuutarou is rendered speechless and Takeda rationalizes that they won't have the time for relationships with the final exams looming. Regardless, Maeda resolves himself to confess, his reasoning being that with everything going back to normal the next day, this would be the only time to do so and he encourages Fuutarou to resolve himself too. After Takeda tries reasoning that studying is a student's duty, Fuutarou agrees with that fact but says there's no need to throw everything else away. The quintuplets were able to teach a 'stubborn and rigid' man as himself that by giving it their all no matter what they did in life. Fuutarou then reflects that he has made the quintuplets wait too long on his decision and that if he were the same old self as before, he'd still be alone. Takeda and Maeda tease him over his words; Fuutarou decides to head to the stalls, despite not having any money. While getting up, he sees two girls expressing relief over the presence of the rest area and smiles. Maeda asks why Fuutarou is going to the stalls if he's broke, to which Fuutarou responds that he wishes to enjoy the festival up to its last minute.

As Fuutarou approaches the school building with a plastic bag in hand, a flashback is shown of Itsuki explaining the conditions that the sisters agreed upon regarding how Fuutarou would give his answer; the sisters agreed to wait in separate rooms for Fuutarou to come to just one of them. The flashback conversation continues as Fuutarou walks through a hallway in the building, with Itsuki stating that this is their resolve and she hopes Fuutarou will understand. Fuutarou takes a deep breath outside a door as the announcement of the school festival's end comes over the speakers and he opens the door. Itsuki reverently says "Uesugi-kun" while Ichika praises Fuutarou. Yotsuba comes to a realization outside near the bonfire and Miku opens the door to Nino's classroom. With a sad smile, Miku states that it's over to Nino, while Yotsuba runs down a hallway and Ichika laments that Fuutarou had already made up his mind the previous day. Through two flashback panels, it is revealed that Ichika saw the drink that Fuutarou had purchased after all and that it was carbonated orange juice. Nino and Miku share a hug as Yotsuba enters the infirmary and sees her phone lying on one of the beds. Itsuki then speaks out loud - addressing Fuutarou - that this is just the beginning.

It is revealed that Fuutarou entered the infirmary and he greets Yotsuba as she's about to pick up her phone and as she looks up in shock, he apologizes for the wait.

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou makes his decision and enters the infirmary, Yotsuba's room.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Fuutarou, Takeda and Maeda have a conversation about feelings, confessions and the quintuplets. Maeda persuades Fuutarou to resolve himself in making his decision to confess to one of the quintuplets.
  • Fuutarou enters the school building while remembering the conversation he had with Itsuki about the conditions of his decision.
  • Ichika, Nino, Miku and Itsuki deal with the aftermath of Fuutarou not arriving at any of their rooms.
  • Fuutarou enters Yotsuba's room and apologizes for the wait he first referred to during his conversation with Takeda and Maeda.


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