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The Last Festival - Itsuki's Side ③ (さいまつりが五月いつきあい③, Saigo no Matsuri ga Itsuki no Bāi 3?) is the one-hundred and eleventh chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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Itsuki thanks Fuutarou for help, but tells him not to intervene this time because they will solve this problem within their family. Then she leaves to confront her biological father.The biological father, Mudou, repeat again that Itsuki’s being trapped by her mother’s phantom.Fuutaro’s dad, Itsuki's cram school lecturer, Shimoda and even Maruo appear, but Mudou was unfazed and mock Maruo about being a real father for Itsuki. Marou just reply to look carefully to "Itsuki", because he doesn't see her here. It turns out that it was Miku disguised as Itsuki. Itsuki then comes out with Ichika, Nino, and Yotsuba and remember another time that “If there is love, then I can distinguish you. Those are our mother’s words.”Mudou now insults their mother and Itsuki says that she has seen her mother sacrifice everything for them, and a life full of kindness like hers can’t be a mistake. Maruo also gets angry at him and supports Itsuki’s dream.

Itsuki says to biological father that he has yet to apologize to their mother, that she (Itsuki herself) will not be used as an instrument of forgiveness and that she won’t forgive him. Fuutaro’s dad also joins in mocking Mudou and finally the biological father walks away. The sisters praise Itsuki for standing up against the biological father.

After everything finished, Itsuki reports to and thanks Fuutaro for teaching her the she doesn't have to forget about her mother.
Fuutaro is surprised to hear that. But he is even more surprises when Itsuki turn to face him and he seems to think about a imminent kiss from Itsuki. But that's not happened and Fuutaro acts quite weirdly.

Itsuki says that thanks to him, she can have confidence in herself. And she adds that her mother is her ideal, but now also him too. Itsuki stops speaking in her usual polite self but her face turns immediatly red. Fuutaro says that he’s uncomfortable about this change and asks her to speak like usual.

Story Impact[]

  • Itsuki, her sisters, Maruo, Isanari and Shimoda confront Mudou.

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