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Black warning This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

The Last Festival - Ichika’s Side ② (さいまつりがいちあい②, Saigo no Matsuri ga Ichika no Bāi 2?) is the one hundred second chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

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  • Title Page: Ichika Nakano during one of her film scene.

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Story Impact Edit

  • Ichika kisses Fuutarou.
  • Fuutarou is the first guy Ichika kissed.

Chapter Notes Edit

  • One of the Nakano Quintuplets (aside from Ichika and Nino) is hospitalized. [page 3]
  • Ichika noted that Fuutarou has a cute side with his funny antics. [page 7]
  • Fuutarou notices that both him and Ichika showed their loose side whenever they're together. [page 11]
  • Fuutarou tells Ichika directly about the bell kisser. [page 13]
  • Ichika kisses Fuutarou. [page 14-15]
  • Ichika kissed a girl before. [page 17]
  • Fuutarou is the first guy Ichika kissed. [page 17]
  • Ichika still has feelings for Fuutarou despite knowing that he won't choose someone during the festival. [page 20]

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