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The Sunrise Festival: Day 2 (さい ふつ, Hi no De-sai Futsuka-me?) is the hundredth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page

  • Color Spread: Nakano Quintuplets saying "Arigatou"
  • Color Page: Best chapter voting results.
  • Title Page: same as color spread.

There are 40 pages total because Chapter 100 is featured as a "lead chapter": 14 pages of the anime voice actress' photo album and commentary, 5 pages of Nakano Quintuplets illustrations, and 1 page of best chapter voting result.

Best chapter according to Japanese fans' vote:

  1. Chapter 67: Scrambled Eggs ⑦
  2. Chapter 37: Labor Thanksgiving Tour ②
  3. Chapter 84: Sisters' War - Seventh Battle
  4. Chapter 59: If the Last Exam Was Nino's
  5. Chapter 60: Commence Assault
  6. Chapter 21: The Magic Spell
  7. Chapter 50: The Seven Goodbyes ⑫


Story Impact

  • Takebayashi goes to the School Festival to visit Fuutarou

Chapter Notes

  • Tsubaki is a member of the Broadcasting Club.[page 7]
  • Eba, who have graduated by now, visits the School Festival in hope of meeting Yotsuba.[page 7]
  • Takebayashi comes to the festival to visit Fuutarou.[page 8]
  • Nino considers Itsuki to be a potential for Fuutarou's love interest.[page 9]
  • Takebayashi recognizes Fuutarou straight away, however, Fuutarou has a difficulty recognizing her.[page 11]
  • Tsubaki calls Miku as Miku-chan.[page 12]
  • Takebayashi and Sanada used to tutor Fuutarou.[page 17]


List of characters in order of their appearance:




  • Takebayashi recognizes the sisters as quintuplets despite only meeting the 2 of them. Most likely, Fuutarou told her about them.
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 26: arrival


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