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Our Day Off 4 (今日きょうはおやすみ④, Kyō wa Oyasumi 4?) is the tenth chapter of the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series.

Cover Page[]

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  • Title Page: First page of the chapter.


As Fuutarou stops Ichika from leaving without explaining herself, Ichika asks him why he cares about her personal business. The middle-aged man then finds Miku, mistaking her for Ichika. The question regarding his relationship with the sisters gets brought up again and Fuutarou claims that he is their partner. Ichika's true job as an actress is then revealed.

Story Impact[]

  • Ichika has a job as an actress.
  • Fuutarou declares himself as the Nakano Quintuplet's partner.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Ichika gets a sudden request for a job, so she cannot go watch the fireworks.[page 3]
  • Ichika considers Fuutarou as her "friend."[page 8]
  • Ichika's job is related to camera work with a man with mustache.[page 10]
  • Fuutarou's reason to study is related to a young girl in his flashback.[page 11]
  • The mustache man mistakes Miku for Ichika.[page 12]
  • The man isn't able to differentiate between Miku and Ichika.[page 12]
  • Fuutarou acknowledges the Nakano Quintuplets as his "partners."[page 18][page 19]
  • Ichika is revealed to be an actress.[page 20]


List of characters in order of their appearance:


  • "But we've all got the same face, so no one will notice if one missing" - Ichika Nakano[page 3]
  • "Getting good shots through trial and error. Right now, that's more fun than anything to me" - Ichika Nakano[page 10]


  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets to be hugged by Fuutarou.
  • This is our first glimpse into Fuutarou's past along with a mysterious girl
  • Negi's Shoe Panel:
    • page 1: stopping
    • page 5: approaching
    • page 13: hurrying
    • page 15: forced
  • Time-related Notes:
    • The time is currently around 19:47, which is about 13 minutes before the fireworks end. [page 20]