17 February 2020: Yotsuba Character Book release date
17 March 2020: Itsuki Character Book release date
17 April 2020: Volume 14 release date

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Chapter 122: The Five-Part Bride
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  • Volume 7, 8, and 9 has Nakano Quintuplets' hand emphasizing their personalized finger on their face and touching the lips (from Quintuplets Finger Game):
    • Volume 7: Ichika's thumb is emphasized.
    • Volume 8: Nino's index finger is emphasized.
    • Volume 9: Miku's middle finger is emphasized.
    • Volume 10: Yotsuba's ring finger is emphasized.
  • Ayane Sakura initially planned to voice all of the quintuplets in the anime. This was ultimately not implemented due to concerns over the stress that having to voice all the quintuplets would cause to Sakura's voice and throat. Source
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