5Toubun no Hanayome Wiki

This is the Spoiler Policy for 5-toubun no Hanayome Wiki. It describes how spoilers are managed on the wiki.

What is "spoiler"?

Spoilers are texts or pictures containing important details from the story. Generally, they can range from major plot events to an identity of a key character.

What are treated as "spoiler"

As a wiki for series based on a Manga, any information from the Manga not yet covered by the Anime will be treated as spoiler.

How to deal with spoiler?

Depending on the type of spoiler, the appropriate template should be used. Wiki Administrators reserve the right to enforce any of these templates upon any page and comments they deem a spoiler.

Template Code Usage
Notice {{Notice|spoiler}} Generates a Notice box on top of the pagge
SpoilerBlur {{SpoilerBlur}} Hide a portion of text with a blur. The blur is removed by clicking on it.
SpoilerSection {{SpoilerSection}} Hide an entire section within a collapsable box