The following rules apply to all images uploaded to 5Toubun no Hanayome Wiki. For the appropriate usage of these images in articles, consult the corresponding section in the Manual of Style.


  • Appropriate images: Any image considered to be inappropriate (nudity, sexual activity, gore, etc.) is to be immediately deleted.
  • Only upload images that you are going to use (in articles, blogs, or forum): Any images that are not used after 2 days of their upload will be deleted.
    • Before getting an administrator/content moderator to delete an unused image, you must check if there is a page where it can be included, and include it if that is the case.
    • Galleries do not count as a valid use by itself. Galleries are only a collection of images already used in other places.
  • One-use image macros are prohibited: If you need to use an image in a comment of a blog post or a discussion, it has to be of frequent use and not an image that is used only once. If you wish to use these images, please refer to external image-hosting websites such as Imgur.


The image's filename should be a brief description of the action or character that the image is showcasing.

Examples of a bad filename

Names with many numbers:

  • Gotoubun-no-Hanayome-1813129.jpg
  • Tumblr inline mpw7tvUe3c1qz4rgp.png
  • Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 5.10.01 PM.png

Ridiculous names:

  • Yotsuba is bae.png
  • Best girl Nino.jpg

Vague/Short names:

  • Fuukun.png
  • GF.jpg

File naming guide

Anime episodes and/or manga chapters: EP# Character Description Count.

  1. Eg: "EP7 Fuutarou Uesugi disguises as Yotsuba" where 7 is the episode number, Fuutarou Uesugi is the character, and disguises as Yotsuba is the description.
  2. Count is to avoid duplicated filename: Eg: EP1 Fuutarou Uesugi 1, EP1 Fuutarou Uesugi 2. Mostly used when you have no Description.
  3. It is the same for the manga: CH# Character Description Count.

Other imagesSource Description, eg: Negi Haruba's twitter Nakano quintuplets 5 years anniversary or Volume 1 English Cover. (a source is not always needed)

Examples of a good filename

  • Fuutarou 11 years old.png
  • Chapter 43 Nino slaps Itsuki.png

File information

Every image uploaded to the wiki must include File information and Licensing. This is not only for legal reasons, but also to make it easier to locate the image's source.


== Summary ==
{{File information
| description = 
| source      = 
| portion     = 
| purpose     = 
| other information = 



== Summary ==
{{File information
| description = Fuutarou Uesugi 11 years old
| source      = Manga Chapter 12
| portion     = 
| purpose     = Image gallery
| other info  = 


== Summary ==
{{File information
| description = Nino and Fuutarou arguing
| source      = Anime Episode 4
| portion     = 
| purpose     = 
| other info  = 

Other Illustrations

== Summary ==
{{File information
| description = Nino Fuutarou drawn by Artist 123
| source      = Pixiv source
| portion     = 
| purpose     = For my user profile page
| other info  = 

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