March 22, 2019

Which of the Nakano quintuplets do you like the most in Episode 11? (400 votes)

Ichika Nakano5714.25%
Nino Nakano276.75%
Miku Nakano27969.75%
Yotsuba Nakano82%
Itsuki Nakano297.25%

March 8, 2019

In Episode 9, which of the quintuplets do you enjoy the most? (499 votes)

Ichika Nakano408.02%
Nino Nakano7715.43%
Miku Nakano30060.12%
Yotsuba Nakano193.81%
Itsuki Nakano336.61%

March 3, 2019

In Episode 8, who do you think was the young girl in the photograph with Fuutarou? (602 votes)

Ichika Nakano315.15%
Nino Nakano8213.62%
Miku Nakano14924.75%
Yotsuba Nakano548.97%
Itsuki Nakano28647.51%

February 18, 2019

Your first experience of the series is through: (945 votes)

Reading the manga12913.65%
Watching the anime75379.68%

February 10, 2019

Which of the quintuplets do you think will marry Fuutarou? (678 votes)

Ichika Nakano345.01%
Nino Nakano7811.5%
Miku Nakano38957.37%
Yotsuba Nakano304.42%
Itsuki Nakano14721.68%

January 25, 2019

Manga-readers, how do you feel about the anime adaptation so far? (347 votes)

It’s even better than the manga!30.86%
Good adaptation! It’s as good as the manga.21561.96%
It’s enjoyable, though I’m a little disappointed.329.22%
I’m disappointed. The manga deserves a better adaptation.216.05%
I haven’t watched it.113.17%
I’m not a manga reader.6518.73%

January 10, 2019

Who do you want to see marrying Fuutarou in the end? (259 votes)

Ichika Nakano114.25%
Nino Nakano3513.51%
Miku Nakano14857.14%
Yotsuba Nakano114.25%
Itsuki Nakano186.95%
All of them3613.9%

April 12, 2018

Who Is your favorite Nakano sister? (306 votes)

Ichika Nakano196.21%
Nino Nakano8427.45%
Miku Nakano16654.25%
Yotsuba Nakano175.56%
Itsuki Nakano206.54%
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